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One of the most common rooms in residential properties where homeowners and investors often want to remodel or replace is kitchens and bathrooms. The cost of replacing the entire kitchen can be an expensive outlay; one great option is cabinet refurnishing. Cabinet refurnishing can save you thousands of dollars, save you time and no mess to worry about as the cupboards do not require removing. There are two main purposes as to why some homeowners remodel their kitchens and bathrooms, one is for a higher sale value for the property to sell and the other is to transform their out of date kitchen and bathroom for a modern presentation. When you consider the cost of new kitchens, besides the cooking appliances, the most expensive part of such applications are the counter tops and kitchen cupboards. So, why replace the entire kitchen cupboards and counter tops when you can have them refinished instead.  Diamond Finish Restoration can transform your kitchen cabinets, bench tops or bathroom cabinets so they can look brand new. No need for demolition of your old kitchen, no need to removing frame work, no mess to clean up and no removal costs.

Refinishing is a Fraction of the Costs of Replacing Cabinets

One of the biggest advantages to cabinet refinishing is it will be a fraction of the cost when compared to replacing all the kitchen cupboards and counter tops. If you are considering replacing kitchen, bathroom cabinets and counter tops, one wise option is get a quote on what the costs are of replacing the entire cabinets and countertops then get a quote on the refinishing costs. If you have opted for this cost effective option, don’t hesitate to contact us here at Diamond Finish Restoration and we can come out and give you a written quote. The reason we believe why you should choose us, is our tradesmen have extensive years and  experience in refinishing cabinets, they will ensure the job is done with accuracy as they pay attention in fine detail to make the cabinets, countertops or benches look brand new and also our work is backed by a warranty.

The Main Material for Kitchen Cabinets

A large percentage of kitchen cabinets are made from timber. The surface of timber can start to look a bit dull and unattractive in time where the cabinets can be water damaged, irremovable stains and even surface discoloration. If your kitchen cabinets are timber and you want them to look brand new without having to outlay thousands of dollars in replacing them, contact us at Diamond Finish Restoration and we can refinish them and make them look new.  One of the biggest advantages to timber cabinets are they can be rejuvenated by the refinishing process; they can be painted in any color of your choice for a modern look.

Refinishing Timber Cabinets is an Environmentally Friendly Option

For those who want to make a positive contribution to the environment and care for the environment, refinishing timber cabinets is a wonderful option as this option is an environmentally friendly way. With the issues of trees being cut down to produce new timber and in some cases the lack of trees available, refinishing timber cabinets will have an environmental advantage by saving our precious trees. For any other information and further advice for all types refinishing applications, don’t hesitate and contact us here at Diamond Finish Restoration by talking to the experts.



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