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The process of refinishing counter tops including kitchen, bathroom and laundry counter tops is to restore, repair and even change the texture of the existing applications for a modern look.  What this process provides is a brand new appearance by bonding agent and an acrylic coating.  For existing counter tops that are either cultured marble, laminate such as Formica, Corian and other laminate materials can be refinished. With modern technology in refinishing methods and high quality materials that are now available this allows refinishing to be more durable, longer lasting, with many colors to choose from and more affordable. One of the biggest advantages of refinishing counter tops is you don’t  have to replace existing counter tops which can be expensive therefore the savings could be as much as a 50%. So, why would you even consider replacing counter tops when the process of refinishing will still provide a new appearance and also feels new? The other advantage to refinishing counter tops is there is no need for counter top demolition or any structural surroundings, that’s another cost saving benefit.

Refinishing Laminate/Formica Counter Tops

Laminate and Formica are often used as counter tops for kitchens, bathroom vanities and launderettes. Although both of these counter top surfaces are affordable and economical, once they are worn out, chipped, cut, stained, the color starts to fade or they are out of date, they can be refinished. If you are still happy with the layout of your kitchen but the laminated counter tops needs a makeover and you don’t want to spend thousands of dollars on a new counter top, refinishing is an exceptional option you should consider. Contact us here at Diamond Finish Restoration and we can restore your existing out of date or damaged counter top by giving it a brand new look. With several types of refinishing styles, various surface textures and many colors to choose from, we can help you choose the perfect counter top to suit your personal decor. 

Our Refinishing Professionals

Diamond Finish Restoration offer this cost saving idea rather than replacing the entire counter top along with other structural surroundings. Our refinishing professionals are fully trained, highly qualified with many years experience and will only perform the process with pride and pay attention to detail. We have performed many refinishing counter top projects for residential, hotels, motels, restaurants and community applications. We only use the highest quality refinishing material, bonding agents and acrylic coating materials. The combination of using the highest quality materials along with using the latest refinishing technology; why would you choose another company? So, don’t hesitate to contact us by phone or send us an email and we can come out to you and provide you with a written quote. 

Superior Craftsmanship

Not all refinishing companies are the same and this is where you need to be careful on whom you choose. Our professional refinishing team has 25years experience and will only provide only superior craftsmanship. Our trained team specializes in all aspects of restoration and refinishing services. The other comparison between us and other refinishing companies, is we are licensed and insured and follow all aspects of safety procedures. Once you have decided that you want us to do the refinish process, we thoroughly explain to you the entire process from preparation, to the steps of refinishing, how long the project will take, how long before the counter top can be used. For care instructions we also provide you with; how to care for, how to clean and what products you should clean the counter top surface and what cleaning agents not to use.  As for workmanship warranty, we also provide you with a written warranty to back our superior work.


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