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Fiberglass is often used for bathtubs, sinks, showers, boats and swimming pools. In time most fiberglass applications will discolor, have abrasions, stains or other surface issues and the first thing most of us would think of is entire replacement. This does not have to be case, as fiberglass can be restored by refinishing the surface so it looks brand new. This process is referred to as fiberglass refinishing. By refinishing fiberglass, the process brings the surface back to new appearance and if done properly it can last up to 15 years. If you have fiberglass applications that are discolored, have abrasions, scratches and stains you don’t have to replace them. An excellent option is to have the fiberglass refinished. Even for fiberglass that does not have surface damages and you have opted to change the color, this process can also be done to change the surface color for personal decor. We at Diamond Finish Restoration offer exceptional services for all types of fiberglass refinishing. Make that first step and contact us by phone, send us an email or come in and see us in person.

The Advantages to Fiberglass Refinishing

One of the biggest advantages to refinishing fiberglass is it’s a cost effective alternative to replacement options. Rather than having the entire application replaced, by refinishing fiberglass  the cost savings can be as much as 75% to what you would be expected to outlay for new applications. What many don’t realize is even to replace the entire application, more than likely other structural surroundings will also have to be replaced, so that's even more expensive than initially budgeted.  The other advantage is, after the refinishing process has been done, the application will look brand new. You need to be aware that not all refinishing companies use the highest quality and technology to refinishing fiberglass. This is where we at Diamond Finish Restoration are different as we only use high quality products, high quality bonding agents, we use the latest technology in refinishing and our tradesmen have all of the expertise and knowledge. So, make that first communication with us and we will take the time to explain to you how the entire process is done, approximately how long the process takes and which time frame you can start using the application. After initial contact, we can provide you with a quote of how much we will charge and once you have appointed us to do the refinishing process, we offer well sensible advice on how to clean, what cleaning agents to use or which cleaning agents not use. The other advantage to choosing us is we provide you with a warranty for our workmanship.

Do You Have Leaks In Fiberglass Tubs And Shower Units?

Diamond Finish Restoration can also repair fiberglass shower units or tubs that have problems with water leaks or cracks. Our unique process of fixing such leaks has beneficial purposes as the entire fixture does not have to removed therefore any structural framing will also not be affected by removing then re installing. The high quality bonding agent we use to repair cracks will ensure the bonding will last for many years and secondly, you can’t even see where the cracks have been repaired. This option is also a cost effective alternate rather than having to replace the entire fixture. For all fiberglass leaks, cracks, refinishing or even re coloring fiberglass applications, we at Diamond Finish Restoration have all of the knowhow as our staff are well trained with the latest technology and have extensive years of experience of all facets of refinishing/repairing fiberglass.

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